May 28, 2012

My new favorite tattoo artist: Siobhan Creedon

So, when I was at Art-A-Whirl last weekend, I saw a woman with a tattoo I instantly fell in love with. She allowed me to take a picture and I've been admiring it daily.

(You can also see it on the artist's portfolio.)

Isn't it wonderful? I love the simplicity and the detail of it. It has things that I love: a cat, owl with a guitar, flowing vine-type design.  Well, I was surfing Pinterest the other day when I stumbled upon another piece that looked very similar stylistically. After some research I found the artist is Siobhan Creedon. The woman who I met had mentioned her name to me, but of course, it escaped my mind immediately. Her are some other similar pieces I found:

I love these so much.  Too bad her studio is in California.  If I'm ever there and have the money, I'd love to have her give me one of these beautiful black designs.

Do you have any artists' work you admire?

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  1. LOVE this lady's work! they are like paper cuts~ so beautiful, graphic