May 20, 2012

Hemp pouch necklace.

So, one of the things I saw and liked at Craftstravaganza last weekend was a crocheted necklace pouch, but Mark convinced me that I could make one on my own for free.  So, the other night I pulled out some hemp from Sho and attempted a DIY project.

I used an earring for the clasp.  (I have a growing collection of single gauged earrings as a result of losing/breaking one from the pair so I've been trying to find uses for the lonely pieces.)  I added some matching green beads and hemp tassels. 

I pretty much winged it for the pattern.  Just some double crochet stitches and improvisation and it was done.   The only challenge was in regards to the actual hemp- it varies a lot in size, from very thick to quite thin.  I decided I really like this about the end result.  It's not perfect... in a good way. 

Also, I wore leaves in my hair today.  


  1. i do love the color of the hemp!! I love that you got to use the hemp in such a creative and useful way!!! GOOD ON YA!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Sho! And double thanks for the hemp! I'm wearing the pouch right now!