May 24, 2012


We went to Art-A-Whirl this past weekend- it's basically a huge multi-building, block-spanning open art studio event in NE Minneapolis where you can view and buy art in many various forms- prints, jewelry, painting, ceramics, etc.  It's so awesome to see what other people make.  Unfortunately, I didn't really take pictures of much of what I saw.  I feel kind of awkward doing that- I don't want people to think I'm "stealing" their art, but I don't know- maybe they wouldn't care at all.  I didn't even buy much (just a necklace and a magnet) but it was still a super fun afternoon!

Sculpture bench!

This was a tree where people could write down their wishes and hang them.  I love this one.  <3

The key to Art-A-Whirl: breaks, water, and water!  A 90-degree day can be pretty brutal in enclosed, un-air conditioned studios, so hydration is essential!

 Wooden mustaches on a stick.

And I love this:

It's a drawing of an actual giant snowman statue in the city I grew up in (and will soon be moving back to).  Mark thought it was too expensive, but I love it and may have to buy it for the sentimental value. 

So there we go- a successful day of art, fun, and friends! 

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