April 25, 2012


We spent this past weekend away in Winona, MN for the Mid West Music Festival: three days of music, beer, food, nature, and otherwise exploring a town we weren't too familiar with it. 

Disc golf on our first afternoon.

the 4onthefloor
The first night we saw Charlie Parr, Rogue Valley, The Feelin', the 4onthefloor, and a bunch of others. There were so many venues it was hard to figure out where to go at any given time, but once we got the layout of the downtown area it was smooth sailing.

The next day we went on a hike and then to the Winona Earth Day festival for music, snacks, and free seeds from some of the vendors. 


The town and lakes below the bluffs.

We missed the llama obstacle course.  Bummer.  I think it was probably awesome.  But we did see some good sidewalk chalk art, Koo Koo Kangaroo, and laid on a blanket in the grass in the sun!  I also got some rad wire earrings from a vendor that I will definitely be wearing daily.

We spent a lot of time looking for good food.  Our first hunt for breakfast was a brutal disaster that wound in bad food from a chain, but later we found a few good coffee shops with great vegetarian food. I wanted to hit up a local donut shop that had rave reviews from the only person I knew who lived in Winona... nearly 30 years ago, but it happened to be closed the day we tried to go. 

The weekend ended with a Kimya Dawson- you know, from the Juno soundtrack and whatnot.  It in a Masonic center and everyone sat on the floor.

Well, that's just the start of summer festival season... I can't wait for more!

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