January 23, 2012

Winter = sweater weather.

I had time to kill before class tonight, so I went to Unique Thrift. I'd never been there, but I'm always down for a new thrift store, so I checked it out. I noticed right away by the displays and tagging that it was operated by the same company as Valu Thrift, which is good, as there's a huge amount of stuff, but not so great because they mark up name brand clothing a LOT (e.g. $30 for a pair of Born flats).

So, I found a few cute sweaters. $10 and $6 for two longer cardigans. I generally prefer longer sweaters because they're comfy, warm, and I'm not constantly tugging at the hems.

After I bought them, I had a moment of inspiration and decided I'm going to embellish them! Initially I was thinking that I'd throw some felt patches on the pockets and add some birds or something, but I decided to look online and see what ideas I could find. Here are my favorites:

I adore this idea! Sachiko at Tatertots and Jello refurbished an old cardigan with bunches of flowers and I love how whimsical and fun it turned out!

This one is from The Sisters 4. I like the simplicity of it, but it's still very cute. It could probably be done with more colors for a little more excitement too!

This is actually just a dress from ModCloth, but I love the details, and it's very much what I was originally thinking about doing with my pockets.

So, once I get these sweaters washed and decide on some ideas, I'll be ready to go! Hope to finish this project within the next few days!

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