January 28, 2012

Seven years of 89.3, The Current

Last night I got to go to a show at First Ave for The Current's 7th birthday celebration. I've always wanted to go, but the tickets go on sale to MPR members first, and almost always sell out before they're available to the general public. Well, I just so happen to have a friend who's a member, got tickets to both nights of the event, and offered to let me tag along for one night!

The first two acts were Low and Night Moves. Low was a bit slow for my taste, but I really liked Night Moves- 70s-ish rock 'n' roll.

The third act was Dead Man Winter, featuring members of Trampled by Turtles <3, Dave Simonett in particular. They were, of course, great.

And the final act- Tapes 'n Tapes. I've seen them, what? Maybe 6 times now? I don't even care because they're so good and I can dance like a maniac (as best as possible in a sold out show, ten feet from the stage).

They ended the show with a rendition of Purple Rain. Hooray for Minnesota music!

Oh, and First Ave got rid of that staircase that came down to the floor and blocked major sight lines. Made a HUGE difference in the flow of the place.

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