October 20, 2013

Wedding Planning 1: Dress Inspiration

Since we got engaged 6 months ago, I've been looking for the perfect outfit for the big day.  I spent a lot of time searching through Pinterest, Etsy, and random Google inquiries, and found some really unique ideas to help inspire me!  

Here are some of my favorites:

This dress by Wai Ching stuns me every time I look at it.  There are photos submitted by brides with custom colors they chose for their dresses, and every single dress looks amazing!  I love the sheer areas and the color layers flowing out underneath.  If it was in my budget, I'd definitely go for this dress.

This embroidered dress by Aida Coronado on Etsy.  I like the simplicity of the design, with the pop of color on the bust.  This would be such a great (and comfortable) dress for an earthy bride.

And this handmade dress by Rai Alexander, also on Etsy.  It has stunning appliqué of a forest scene that reminds me of dressed-up patchwork festival dress.  I also like the detail of the bride and groom on the bottom of the skirt.

While I didn't pick any of these dresses for our wedding, I think I found something that captures my personality perfectly, fits my budget, and that I'll feel comfortable and beautiful wearing in May!  Can't wait to share more of my wedding ideas soon!

You can check out my ideas on my Pinterest wedding board, there are a bunch of ideas I've gone through in the process, including black and white, separate pieces, casual and fancy ideas, and accessories (part of what I'm wearing is posted too, can you guess what it is?)

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