May 06, 2013

My engagement ring!

A week and a half ago I got my new engagement ring!  We'd sent back the one Mark had originally given me, because it was a couple sizes too big.  It was a wire-wrapped gemstone ring and originally the designer said we'd have to pick something new because my finger size was too small for a ring that fit the three original stones.  Much to our surprise, he was able to fit each of the stones in my new ring with some minor adjustments! 

I love it so much!  It's totally unique and special because Mark chose it for me.  We're probably going to get a different "forever" ring for after the wedding.  I'll probably wear both, but want the option to take this one off because of it's size and to keep it safe. 

So yay!  We've already been planning some parts of our wedding (the big day is going to be a year from this Friday!) and I'm excited to show my inspiration and plans here on the blog! 


  1. I have to agree with Belle - I love the uniqueness of this. So happy that the designer was able to fit the stones in the new ring! I'm sure that you didn't want to part with them after falling in love with it. -Milagro @ Diamonds Direct

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  3. It’s so beautiful! I see you had the wedding last year. Now this may way too late for the occasion, but I still want to express my best wishes for the both of you. Now where is that “forever” ring? I’d love to see it some time. Good day!

    Ricky Rowe @ Finding Jewelry Experts