April 05, 2013

Craft show preparation

As I get ready for my first craft show that's just a week away (eek!) I realize how much there actually is to do that I wouldn't have otherwise thought of... processing payments, tagging, displays, branding, etc.

Here are a few of the things I've been able to accomplish so far:

Payments:  I ordered a Square.  It's free to recieve and when you process payments by credit card  they only take 2.75% of the purchase total.  That seems worth it to me for sales that I might otherwise lose if people aren't carrying cash.  It hooks up to your iPad or smartphone and the app processes
payments straight to your bank account.

Branding: I have a few other things in the works, but my business cards were my first plan.  I designed them, printed through Vistaprint, and they turned out great!  I wasn't sure how the color would compare to my computer screen, but it's pretty spot-on.  I'll throw them in bags with sold items and place some on my table.

Tagging:  After I ordered the cards, I got a coupon from Vistaprint in my email.  I ordered a stamp for  creating tags and after discounts, it was $3.99+ shipping!  I stamped it on some Scotch brand label tape my dad got for my birthday (he works for 3M).  I used old photo paper that we were never going to print on for the tags and put them with my stuff!

I'll hopefully be sharing more of my progress over the next week, including display plans and the banner for my table!

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