August 17, 2012

Etsy Weekly Wants #1: Yellow brooches

I've been looking to start a new weekly piece.  I read a lot of bloggers that do their day-of-the-week favs, so I'm going to try out something along those lines.  Since I have an Etsy Favorites list that goes on for pages, I figured that's a great place to start.  Plus, I can sort through at the same time and remove things that have sold.  

This week I'm starting with brooches.  Yellow brooches, to be specific.  I used to wear a lot of pins, but lately I've barely been accessorizing.  I think some of these would be perfect to wear with a summery dress over the next few months, or with a sweater come winter.

I love this acrylic yellow submarine from indomina

This embroidered avocado from HarpandThistle.  I love the depth shown with the pit and the fruit. 

A Minnesota pin from a vintage puzzle piece by IvyEvaine.  Fun!  I just wish you could read "St. Paul" completely.  ;)

Miniature teapot and accessories by asiskooo.  Tiny things are always great.  Always.

And this cute felt kitty by mochikaka:

I'm considering buying one of these with some PayPal credit I have in my account, but I just need to decide which.  And if you want to check out my Etsy store for some of my stuff!

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