May 08, 2012

Felt work

Well, I've been doing some little felt projects lately, so here they are!

I made this pin for a co-worker's birthday and I love how it turned out.  Purple isn't generally my thing, but the different shades worked so well together!  (Do you like the background?  It's bowling pins!  Sometimes I go with Mark to his league and bring my crafts with.  It's a fun environment to craft in- and no one seems to mind. Plus, there's a cute waitress with a sewing tattoo!)

My Minnesota pin.  I made it on a whim: I glued the layers together and stitched the heart.  I think it's just about the cutest thing ever and I absolutely love it!

And another floral pin for a gift.  I modeled it, and after looking at the picture, realized how perfectly it matches my dress, so I may just have to make another for myself!

I have so many other little projects to post, so I hope to get around to them this week now that classes are done (until June).

P.S. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!  I didn't even know until my a few students brought in gifts and treats.  Even if you missed it (like I would have!) don't forget to think about and thank educators who've impacted you or your children!