March 18, 2012

Weekend thrifting

Well, my favorite little thrift/antique store down the street (The Mall of St. Paul) had a sale this weekend. I had a few items I was keeping an eye open for: a jewelry box, a flour sifter, patio furniture, unique jars (for the boyfriend), and a larger floor-sitting cantilever sewing box like the awesome one in Elycia's post. Even if I didn't find any of those items, it's still always worth a visit to see what's new.

I saw loads of cute stuff.

I love vintage cooking canisters, but I have a full kitchen, so no more for me.

Jars, jars, jars.

Embroidered artwork is my favorite, but when I saw this one I had to smile- it was $30, but we got the exact same one at Goodwill for $3! What a bargain! Yeah, I'm not sure what the picture is (a monk and a church?) but the colors are great!


Old coffee grinder with a little drawer where the coffee comes out. Cute, but I must admit, modern technology is a very necessary before my morning caffeine.

What I came home with:

One big fancy jar for Mark and a glass mushroom. The cap of the mushroom comes off and one suggested use on the old piece of packaging was a terrarium. I've been looking for the perfect terrarium container for a while and this is it! Now to find a tiny plant and some moss for it!

Jar: $7.50 at 15% off = $6.38
Terrarium: $7 at 15% off = $5.95


  1. the mushroom with make a great terrarium..excellent idea! I can't wait to see it!

  2. i have wanted to make a terrarium for SO long. if you could find a tiny gnome to be on the moss in the mushroom ; yes!!

    1. I have a tiny deer that I think will be cute, but I think he needs a gnome friend!