November 13, 2011

Autumn leaves

Enjoyed a weekend of late fall colors and weather. Beautiful afternoon at Lakewood.

Later, dinner at Pad Thai. I will concede that they have the least creative Thai restaurant name, but the food never fails me. Tried the Thai Green Curry Pasta: spicy, with coconut milk, carrots and broccoli. So basic, yet delicious, and perfect portion for two to split. Probably a new favorite dish.

Tried a recently-opened bar on Nicollet- Pat's Tap. Skee-Ball! Free that night, because several of the machines were acting funny, but normally 25 cents/games. Not too crowded for a Saturday night, plus, a good patio and a friendly neighborhood cat who checked out the scene a couple times.

Then, to top off the weekend: beer brewing! Definitely nice to have two people through the process to manage the stirring, pouring, measuring, lifting, and well, for company over a few hours.

EPA. Should be ready in a few weeks- I can't wait to try it.

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