August 15, 2011

Some shows

Much much music this summer. A lot has been repeat (what's a weekend without another 4onthefloor show?!), but still very fun. Summary thus far:

Self descriptive, and a one-time thing. Lovely.

Final show for Sabby White and the Furnace.

Peter Wolf Crier for's August music and movies series. Missed Free Energy the previous week, but this was a lovely show accompanied by "The Labyrinth" and David Bowie's package.

And, the following day, Peter Pisano from Peter Wolf Crier on stage with No Bird Sing, whose vocalist was in the audience the prior night at the show. Awwww. Local love.

The 4onthefloor. ALWAYS a good show. Since April I've seen them five times, and I'll see em again this coming weekend, and I don't even care, cuz they make me so happy.

Farewell Continental- Justin Pierre's other band. I just love him. More on that to come.

This coming weekend will be a musical orgasm at Soundtown in Somerset. Flaming Lips, New Pornographers, DeVotchKa, Solid Gold, Okkervil River. And a bunch of bands I've seen recently: Heiruspecs (saw them in June), Roma Di Luna (July), Pink Mink (June), White Iron Band (June), Charlie Parr (July), The Goondas (July). Gotta love Minnesota summer music madness.

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