August 22, 2011

Minnesota love

Lately I've been noticing a lot of Minnesota and Twin Cities local pride. Not sure if it's a trend, or that I've just been more aware lately. MN tattoos, gear, music: everywhere.

My favorite MN/TC pick-ups:

Here's a necklace I found at Art-A-Whirl in NE late this spring. It's made by Liz P and you can buy her awesome stainless-steel cut pendants here. (The tree part is an old charm from my grandma.) I've thought about integrating the two into an obligatory Minnesota tattoo, but we'll see!

Another Art-A-Whirl purchase- a screen-printed T with Twin Cities Grain Belt-style logo. Done by Anthem Heart in a studio- I picked the color ink (up to two colors) and shirt, and they printed it in front of you. Very cool, people seem to love it.

My Summit print. 25th Anniversary numbered print from a brewery tour I did there.

A St. Paul/ Minneapolis antique map necklace. Map from the early 1900s. Lefthand Originals.

Last but not least, this old ashtray from my grandma. Every time she and my grandpa would have a garage sale, they'd let my brother and I pick something out. I loved this ashtray. So, I took it and recently found it in an old drawer. Bright colors and Paul Bunyon.

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