July 07, 2011

Hydration, seasoning

Oh, how I love the Mall of St. Paul. One block away and so many treasures! Recently, I've only been going with specific, necessary items in mind. Housewares, mostly. Why go to Target when I can walk and find something unique, durable and affordable?!

Some recent (and very necessary!) purchases:

Owl salt and pepper shakers! Blue for salt, yellow for pepper. My old plastic ones broke, and cooking was becoming quite annoying when I'd forget and spill a pile of salt on my food. So, found these little guys for $7. No stoppers in the bottom, but an easy fix at Frattallone's Ace Hardware- tiny corks for $1.

Ice cube tray. Cheap plastic ones broke, so I hit the M.O.S.P. for some metal ones I'd seen. Unfortunately, I went the week that MN first hit 90 degrees, and could only find one. But still, most important in an upstairs apartment with no air conditioning.

And lastly, something not from the Mall:

A canteen! Found at Arc's Value Village on White Bear Ave. Perfect for hydrating while out and totally portable. I replaced the strap- the original was falling apart and had someone's name on it. A few dollars at Jo-Ann Fabrics, some sewing and it's good to go. The fabric I used was a little prone to fraying and very thick, so it took longer than I expected, but was worthwhile.

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